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I have been suspended due to spamming

If you have been alerted that your account has been suspended due to a spamming complaint please contact our Support department by opening a ticket in our support desk.

Spamming is a problem within the web hosting community and we does everything possible to protect your account from spam and to prevent our customers from spamming. Spamming can be interpreted in many ways and there are dozens of spam cop organizations which internet users can submit spam complaints to.

A complaint regarding spamming in most cases occurs when a large e-mailing list sends out emails to that list with a solicitation offer and someone complains to one of the spam cop organizations about not having signed up for that e-mailing. Sometimes a person may have signed up for a newsletter and their email was shared with another organization which sent them a solicitous email they did not want or ask for. Other times a person may have signed up for a newsletter and forgotten about signing up for the newsletter and then report the email sender as having sent that person spam.

Anyway you look at it, whether you are sending email to an email list participant who signed up to receive that email or if you have an email list with participants who did not authorize the email to be sent to them, most complaints to spam cop organizations are acted upon and a Black Listing of the IP (internet protocol) address is then blocked until the server which houses the domain of the offending spammer until that domain is suspended and usually removed from the server.

Black Listing by a spam cop organization of the IP address of a server will result in any website using that IP address from being able to send email to any of the major email organizations (like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) who subscribe to that spam cop organization’s blacklist updates.

At us, it’s share of fraud accounts and most fraud accounts which get through our new customer screening procedures may try to send spam out on our servers, usually, they try to get 1 or 2 email offers out before they are detected.

It is for this reason that we set limitations on a number of emails that each account can send during the course of a minute. This means that if someone intends to send out a spam email that their list will slowly which lowers the amount of risk of being Black Listed and allows us to identify a spammer and shut down their e-mailing. Our system administrators also take the time to identify legitimate newsletters and allow their e-mailing to continue.

If your web hosting requires the ability to send emails to large numbers of recipients we do suggest that you separate your email mailing hosting from your web site hosting. There are several email hosting companies whose business is to help facilitate and legitimize email newsletters to be sent to their recipients. One company which we do recommend for email hosting is EveryOne.net.

If you have more questions about spamming or would like an evaluation of your newsletter list and if it could be sent from our servers or if you should seek a separate email hosting provider please contact either our support or sales department by opening a ticket in the Kholifa Network support desk.

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